The 2015 Chinook Triathlon has moved to Sylvan Lake, AB, and will take place August 1st, 2015.

We are excited to be featuring a Pro Chase event in the Olympic Distance race for our professional field! This event will also feature a large prize for the overall winner, currently set at $10,000.

The Chinook Tri Festival has the following categories for men, women, and team participants in both the Olympic and Long distance events: 16-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+


swim – 1500m
bike – 40km
run – 10km

Our Olympic triathlon starts at a pier on Sylvan Lake. Athletes will swim 200m out, across the open water beside the four buoys, then swim 300m back to shore to the transition zone. They will then ride their bikes past Jarvis Bay and up Highway 20. The course will turn east on Aspelund Road until Woodinook Road, where racers will head north and turn around halfway to Gull Lake, ending at the same transition zone. They will then run along the shore of Sylvan Lake to Jarvis Bay and back twice before finishing on the shore of Sylvan Lake.


swim – 2000m
bike – 90km
run – 21km

Our Long Distance triathlon starts at Sylvan Lake. Athletes will swim 200m out in the open water, complete a 500m loop around four buoys, then continue around the loop until they reach the markers that lead into a 300m swim to the transition zone. They will then get on their bikes and head up Highway 20 and then east on Aspelund Road. The course follows a longer stretch than the Olympic but will also finish back at the transition zone. The 21km run will be done in four loops of 5.25 km
The team section of this event will feature teams of three, where each team member will complete one leg of the race. Alternatively, teams of two may compete if one team member completes two of the three legs.


swim – 1500m
bike – 40km

Our unique Aquabike event starts at Sylvan Lake and follows the same swim course as the Olympic event. Athletes will complete the open water stretch, transition onto their bikes and head up Highway 20, east on Aspelund Road, and north on Woodinook Road to the same turn-around as in the Olympic race. Once the racers have biked back to the finish line, they are done! This is an excellent race for athletes struggling with impact injuries or who wish to save their final kick for an upcoming race.